OMKAR COMPOSITES PVT. LTD. is a leading manufacturer of extensive range of Chlorine Scrubber system. Chlorine Scrubber system is a safety device which reduces dangerous of Chlorine gas spreading out into the atmosphere. The Chlorine Scrubber system manufacturing is done by using world class thermoplastic materials by following strict quality control to dispatch an extensive range of scrubber system which is strongly compiles with ISO 9001:2008, BS and DVS quality standards. Our accomplished designers are focused on creating Chlorine Scrubber system to fit your exact application and forms to give you a long lasting solution with minimum maintenance cost. Our Chlorine Scrubber system includes necessary components like scrubber vessel, fans, pumps, mist eliminators, exhaust stack etc.

The chlorine Scrubber system ensures for the leak proof operation by utilizing German Welding technology that we have experts for the joining parts of the Scrubber system. We provide Chlorine scrubber system with a custom-designed for providing removal efficiencies in the range of low pressure drop. A Chlorine Scrubber system design utilization either horizontal or vertical depending on the size of the Gas flow. Further, our group can assess the prerequisites at our customer’s conclusion to make application particular Chlorine Scrubber system at market leading prices. The Fume Scrubber is used in various industries

Features of Chlorine Scrubber System:-

  • Easy installation
  • Superior design and high performance
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Manual operation
  • 100% leak proof

Application of Chlorine scrubber System:-

  • Food manufacturing machining
  • Utility boilers
  • Machining and Grinding exhaust
  • Iron , Steel and aluminum industry
  • Fiberglass industries
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