Scrubber system is air contamination control Gadgets that utilization fluids to remove particulates matters or gases from a modern use of fumes or pipe gas stream. The fluids entrain particulars and contamination gases so as to wash successfully them out of the gas stream.

We are one of the leading organizations of an extensive range of manufacturer and supplier of Scrubber system. Our Scrubber system is designed and manufactured using latest advanced technology and high quality alloys to provide high strength Scrubber system performance. For the Quality our company the scrubber system is used on our strict ISO 9001:2008, BS and DVS quality control process. Numerous essential working factors are considered while assessing the size and sort of scrubbers for a particular application and your due date is dependably a factor in our responsiveness. Scrubber system offers a variety of system specially designed for your process application.

Scrubber system framework is used to upgrade the nature of air discharged from the modern and business forms by gathering dust and different impurities from gas or air. The special design scrubber system to deal with handle high volume of dust, cleaning system, a channel cleaning framework etc.

We highly provide various types of Scrubber system like

  • Wet scrubber system
  • Venturi scrubber system
  • Chlorine scrubber system
  • Fume scrubber system
  • Gas scrubber system
  • Dry scrubber system

Features of scrubber system:-

  • Can deal with combustible and unstable cleans with little hazard
  • Corrosive gases and dust can be neutralized
  • Reduced can regularly be reconstructing into existing accumulation frameworks.
  • Result gas absorption and dust collection in a solitary unit.

Application of the Scrubber system:-

  • Automobile industries
  • Food industries
  • Rubber Industries
  • Chemical Industries
  • Pharmaceutical Unit
  • Paint Industry
  • Petroleum refineries

We highly provide various types of Scrubber system like

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